Swap Meet  Sale Early Planning

Give yourself time to prepare:

·    Select a sale date at least two to three weeks from the date you'll start to prepare.

·    Consider holding a joint sale with friends, neighbors, or relatives to attract more customers and sell more items.

Choose what to sell:

·    Scan your attic, garage, basement, closets, and other storage areas for items.

·    Practical items such as appliances, furniture, dishes, books, plants, kitchen utensils, antiques, toys, and clothes sell best.

·    Don't try to sell things that are broken, cracked, badly stained, and so on. It will make buyers wonder whether your other items are of similar quality.


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Moapa Valley Progress

The Moapa Valley Rotary Club held a huge parking lot sale for the Valley-wide Yard Sale which took place on Friday and Saturday last week. PHOTO BY ANNALYN JAMES/Moapa Valley Progress.

For bargain hunters, Moapa Valley was the place on Friday and Saturday last week. The community was literally dotted with nearly 50 different locations to choose from in this year’s Moapa Valley Community-Wide Yard Sale, sponsored by the Rotary Club.

One of these busy locations was at the local VFW Post headquarters in Overton.

“Business on Friday was great!” said Bill Cook, a veteran and local VFW volunteer. “(The Post) decided to participate in this year’s Community Wide Yard Sale because we felt like it was a good fundraiser opportunity for veterans.” 

Cook explained that all proceeds will help fund the VFW in providing services for veterans including educating local veterans on benefits that are available to them. The VFW post also offered breakfast and lunch to the public on a donation-only basis.

The largest yard sale location was the Rotary Club sale in Lin’s parking lot. The Rotary Club offered clothing, home decorations, electronics, furniture, and even an old pick-up truck for sale.

“Our members spend months collecting stuff to sale,” said Moapa Valley Community Yard Sale organizer and Rotary member Chris Green.

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From The Editor’s Desk… Virginia’s Vision


It has taken nearly a decade to catch on. But it seems that the ambitious community vision of one little-old-lady from Overton may finally be approaching its full fruition this year.

Those who had the chance, several years ago, to associate with Ms. Virginia Powers will certainly remember her well. She was an elderly resident of the Robbin’s Nest in downtown Overton. But her frenetic and vibrant activity level would never have given away her advancing age. Though she was growing increasingly frail at the time, Virginia was involved in everything. She was an active member of the Moapa Valley Chamber of Commerce and of the Rotary Club; and she made a point to be in regular attendance at all of their meetings. She loved living in the Moapa Valley, loved the people here and was forever optimistic and upbeat about the potential of this little community.

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